Revolutionary Technology

Choncept is a biotechnology company founded on the breakthrough technology of Chief Scientist, Dr. Paul DeAngelis, Professor at Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center. Choncept’s scientific innovation is focused on development of new technology to produce chondroitin from fermentation of recombinant bacteria to replace the current chondroitin source of beef and other animal by-products. By utilizing bacteria and not animal sources, Choncept’s new method avoids the problems of potential prion contamination (“mad cow”) or harvesting endangered species such as sharks.

Commercial Applications for High-Yield Markets

Chondroitin produced by the gene patented by Choncept is unsulfated which can be sulfated to produce chondroitin similar to that isolated from animal sources. The unsulfated chondroitin may also be of interest as a biomaterial. Chondroitin produced recombinantly may be significantly less expensive to produce than current methods that rely on animal by-products. The global orthopedic material market is currently more than $4 billion annually.

Modified chondroitin, dermatan sulfate, has properties as an anti-coagulant, an important pharmaceutical market. The anti-coagulation segment of the drug discovery and development market is estimated at more than $4 billion.

Another emerging frontier is tissue engineering, specifically prosthetic organs and tissues. The tissue engineering market is estimated to be more than $15 billion per year.

Choncept’s innovation in chondroitin production enables manufacture of chondroitin which is sold as a nutraceutical dietary supplement. The nutraceutical market is $60 billion worldwide.

Choncept is seeking collaborative partners with existing market channels for the distribution of nutraceutical and medical grade chondroitin sulfate. The company is also interested in partners for dermatan sulfate development as an anti-coagulant.

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