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Choncept - Biotechnology Innovation | An Emergent Company


Chief Scientist

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Paul DeAngelis, Ph.D.


Brech Tracy, Ph.D. Breca Tracy, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Wei Jing, Ph.D.


Choncept is an Emergent Technologies Inc. (ETI) portfolio company.

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Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Emergent Technologies, Inc. (Emergent) is a leading innovation solutions company that identifies, manages, develops and partners to turn game-changing scientific discoveries into market-driven products. Emergent's diverse business and technical team along with its unique innovation process of transforming scientific breakthroughs into technology platforms with multiple applications, maximizes the value of promising ideas and underutilized intellectual properties without the risk associated with commercial development. The company applies its experience and expertise to provide investors, entrepreneurs, communities and industry partners access to innovative solutions to advance initiatives and protect and grow core businesses with novel, differentiating technology. For more information, visit the Emergent website