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Hunan Medical University, M.D., 1994
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Ph.D., 2002

After graduation from Hunan Medical University, P.R.China, in 1994, Wei Jing was recruited to the Dept. of Medical Genetics, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing, working on the application of enzyme assays in clinical and prenatal diagnosis of lysosomal storage diseases. She began her Ph.D. study in the Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular biology, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in 1997 and joined Hyalose in July 2002.

During the five-years of graduate study under the guidance of Dr. Paul L. DeAngelis, Wei Jing performed extensive studies focused on the P. multocida hyaluronan synthase. Her work provided the first evidence for the "two active centers" model of glycosyltransferases. She created single-action mutants that are being utilized in some of the current R&D projects in Hyalose. She received several awards from the Graduate Student Association, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, including Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards. In her spare time, she collects stamps from around the world.


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